Propel Physical Therapy is a local, privately owned orthopedic physical therapy clinic striving to provide superior care and service to Northwest Houston community. Conveniently located at Hwy 249 North and Spring Cypress (in the Sprouts shopping center) we service Cypress, Spring, Houston and Tomball communities.

At Propel, we aim to create an atmosphere and culture of care that is patient-focused and driven by the expertise of our team members.  We attain superior results by utilizing the latest technology and treatments based on current research, and communicate openly and honestly with each patient and their healthcare team.  We strive to always be better at what we do by constantly learning and growing as individuals and clinicians.


Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy – an evidence-based diagnostic and treatment process that targets the painful tissue.

We use joint mobilization and manipulation and specific soft tissue techniques to increase range of motion, decrease pain.






Exercise / Movement – this complements what is accomplished with 
manual therapy and may involve various methods of strength training, trunk stabilization,
normalizing faulty movement patterns.







Dry Needling

Dry Needling – the use of a fine-wire needle inserted below the surface of the skin used to
decrease pain, improve mobility, and decrease swelling.







Kinesiology Taping – application of a slightly elastic tape that improves lymphatic drainage (decrease swelling) and provides input into the nervous system; or it simply looks cool.